H&M - Fashion for your home


The new H&M - Fashion for your home is finally available online at shop.hm.com. But unfortunately it is only available online and not in their stores. When it comes to beddings and towles and things I really like to check the quality first. With my hands. I want to feel the fabrics. Nothing worse than some itchy linens. (The last itchy bedding I bought from IKEA were converted into our new bedroom curtains...) There are some items I really like but there's also some stuff that makes me feel like I've already seen it at IKEA several years ago...And I truly with they would sell all the props and the furniture, too.


Bolig Liv

Bolig Liv
I wish I could just go to the news stand tomorrow morning and pick up the latest issue of Bolig Liv. Maybe we should move up to the North of Germany close to the Danish border? I swear I'd go shopping in Denmark every single day!!!! And get all those lovely magazines. And handbags. And shoes. And all those other pretty things they have.

Bolig Liv
Bolig Liv
Bolig Liv
Bolig Liv

All images from boligliv.dk

You can have a sneak peak in the lastest issue here. And I will most definitely try those cupcake recipes.

Ballerinas (and other lovely things) from Nordhjem


Images fron nordhjem.dk

I'm so tempted to order some of these ballerinas Nordhjem has on sale. They look comfy and cute and are a steal for DKK 129,00 / EUR 17,67 / USD 22,00. But I do not have good experiences with buying shoes online and my feet are somewhat complicated anyway.
If you don't know Nordhjem yet you should most defenitely have a look at their online store. They sell the most lovely things and on their outlet pages you can find cute things for a steal. Plus they ship worldwide! I've ordered some ribbons and props with them last year (see photo below) and was totally happy was totally happy with their service and their products.

lovely things from nordhjem

Inspirational Homes: Kitchen Love

Kitchen Love

Images from viivilla.se

I heart the kitchen of Li Aronsson who runs the boutique by liebling and the blog lieblingallsorts.blogspot.com. You can find more information about the kitchen at viviella.se (in Swedish though).

Plates by indiska


I wish I had some time (and money) for a little bit of shopping in Sweden. It would be so sweet to hop in our new car - which has tons of space for extended shopping sprees - and drive all up to Sweden and/or Denmark to buy some lovely things and get a few days of relaxation...I instantly fell for those plates with the pixel/cross stitch decor from Indiska. Be sure to check out their website...they have some great lookbooks and inspiraition boards of their fashion and interiors online.

Images from indiska.com

Still alive...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive. I've been on a somewhat unplanned and way too long hiatus.

At New Years Eve the nastiest flu I have ever hit me at full tilt and left me exhausted and sluggish for more than three weeks. And while I normally can't live without the internet and spend too much hours every day surfing the web I had to pull myself together to start the computer and check my business mails at least once a day during the time I've been sick. As soon as I felt better my car completely died and we had to take care of getting a new one. Inbetween we also had a finish a small but quite important software project with a non-displaceable deadline.

Anyway, I missed you all. And I have quite something to catch up on...I don't have anything too interesting to tell as I've spend the past six weeks either sick on the couch or working. We finally got a new car a few days ago which I'm terribly afraid to drive (I haven't driven a stick shift car since I've been in driving school back in 1996!). I'm feeling motivated and inspired again. I have some nice projects ahead. And really hope that our run of bad luck is about to end. (Can you believe someone hit our new car in a hit-and-run accident ONE day before we got to pick it up?)