A goodbye but not a farewell

As most of you might have noticed it's been very quiet here in the past months. One of the reasons was that I've been busy with work and couldn't dedicate myself to blogging as much as I wished. But that's only half the story. I was pondering A LOT about blogging. If I should continue blogging. If I should keep this blog or not. I love being able to connect with so many people via my blog. I love sharing recipes or my images. Or things that inspire me. But I also feel like blogging gets more and more competitive. It has happened so often in the past months that I found something interesting, blog-worthy...something lovely...something that I heart. And I saved the site and images to add them to my blog as soon as I'll find some time to. But well, the next day it was already too late. Someone else has already posted it and spread it all over the internet. And as I've said before I'm not a huge fan of blogging the same content which is already available at various blogs over and over again. All these things were keeping my away from blogging and made me thinking. But in the end I decited that I want to continue blogging. But I do not want to keep blogging at marionhearts.com. marionhearts.com just doesn't feel like me anymore. As some of you already know Marion is not my real name. I started using the name Marion as a nick name when I started being online and working in an internet agency - which was back in 2000. I've REALLY gotten used to it. It became something like the middle name I naver had. But eventually things have gotten complicated. The more I've gotten involved into blogging and twittering and the more friends I made over the internet the more complicated it got. And I'm tired of explaining that Marion is not my real name, that I am Corinna, etcetera...

So from now on you will find blogging gunder my real name me over at www.frauhaselmayer.com. And you can follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/frauhaselmayer. I hope to see you all there because I've missed you during the past months!

So this is not really a 'goodbye' and my no means a 'farewell'. This is more a 'hello'.

Thanks for two awesome years at marionhearts.com

Corinna aka Marion


  1. So long...farewell...HELLO! Ü
    So happy you decided to keep blogging :)

  2. i am glad you are keeping your blog. i have it in my faves at home , and was checking several times recently whether you posted anything . so much inspiration in your blog . THANK YOU SO SO MUCH .

    i know what you mean about blogs being competitive , it is sad but true. the same is on flickr. i think . but keep on doing your amazing beautiful work :)

    aga _d

  3. Thank you so much, Jeanette and Aga!
    See you soon :)

  4. I share your thoughts about the stressful side of blogging, its all getting quite competitive and overwhelming sometimes. So, I also put my blog on hold for a while. But nice to see you back, I bookmarked you long time ago, and kept you among my favorites. Glad you are back with your real name:)

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