Logo Love: Bonnie Tsang Photography

Can you fall in love with business cards? Yes, you can! At least I can! I love the new business cards of Los Angeles based photographer Bonnie Tsang so much I actually want to frame them and hang them on my wall!
Please check out this gorgeous brandnew logo for Bonnie Tsang Photography by Anna Bond from RIFLE. Btw. if you are not familiar with Bonnie's and Anna's work please visit Bonnie's blog at bonnietsang.bigfolioblog.com and Anna's blog at riflemade.squarespace.com

I love the Bonnie's photography. She has a wonderful way of capturing things. And the sweetest daughter, little Miss V. But see for yourself:
Bonnie Tsang Photography

© Bonnie Tsang Photography, All images from bonnietsang.bigfolioblog.com

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  1. Marion - I just found your blog and I'm loving everything about it!

    And, YES, it's possible to fall in love with a business card! I share your passion, especially for the Bonnie Tsang card. I can't wait to check out her site. My business partner had an idea to enlarge a business card from a sentimental restaurant, and crop it abstractly, then frame to hang in a dining room or kitchen. Of course you could do it with any fabulous b.card!

    I'll be around. Keep up the great work!

    Juliet :: urbannestblog.com