Canada on my mind

As I said, I'd be more than pleased if I could escape from my everyday life and work at least for a long weekend these days. A little break, a few days off would be awesome. And this lovely hotel I had posted two days ago looks more than inviting...but to be true, on my mind and in my heart there is still Canada.

Yesterday, a year ago we were sitting on a plane with the most lovely view to this sea of clouds and ice crystals on the window...only to land a few ours later in Halifax, spend 4 great weeks on the road and discover and fall in love with this country. Oh, I wish to go back.

There are tons of images I've taken but not edited yet (yes, shame on me that I haven't managed to do this within 12 months!) and I plan to share some of the images I've never uploaded to remember the great time we had and the lovely places we've been to within the next 4 weeks. My little homage to this beautiful country.

Canada on my mind

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