Still alive...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive. I've been on a somewhat unplanned and way too long hiatus.

At New Years Eve the nastiest flu I have ever hit me at full tilt and left me exhausted and sluggish for more than three weeks. And while I normally can't live without the internet and spend too much hours every day surfing the web I had to pull myself together to start the computer and check my business mails at least once a day during the time I've been sick. As soon as I felt better my car completely died and we had to take care of getting a new one. Inbetween we also had a finish a small but quite important software project with a non-displaceable deadline.

Anyway, I missed you all. And I have quite something to catch up on...I don't have anything too interesting to tell as I've spend the past six weeks either sick on the couch or working. We finally got a new car a few days ago which I'm terribly afraid to drive (I haven't driven a stick shift car since I've been in driving school back in 1996!). I'm feeling motivated and inspired again. I have some nice projects ahead. And really hope that our run of bad luck is about to end. (Can you believe someone hit our new car in a hit-and-run accident ONE day before we got to pick it up?)

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