New Blog Layout: Ice Blue & Blackberry

I took a break from regular work yesterday and decided it's time for a new blog layout. I was really tired of all that pink and needed some change. Something to ring in the colder days of the year. And when I saw all those lovely christmas decorations from Jeanette of FRYD + DESIGN I knew I wanted to go for a light color scheme with lots of white and some ice blue. I couldn't part with the pink completely though and changed from raspberry red to blackberry...
If don't already know Jeanette's blog and work you should take some time and visit it. She makes the most lovely things and lives in a beautiful Scandinavian home (that I'm actually really jealous of I have to admit) with lots of white and great clorful accents. And she takes awesome images. And has the sweetest little girl :)

Christmas decoration from fryd + design

Images from Jeanette of

Inspirational Homes: Polka dots

Polka dots
I'm working a lot these days and have very little time for blogging and reading blogs...which sometimes isn't the worst thing - getting used to having all the inspiration 'delivered' happens so quickly. But sometimes you should really try to find it for yourself. Elsewhere than in the internet or in magazines. So I want to share some more images I have taken in the apartment with the pink bedroom. For the love of polka dots :)

Wishing you a happy Saturday with some flowers

Did I say I'm getting tired of pink? Anyway, today it's just some flowers and wishing you a happy Saturday before I'm off to a afternoon NOT spent in front of the computer...Already made a cake and some other food and now I'll grab my camera and hop in the car to a BBQ in the lovely autumn sun...

Inspirational Homes: Pink Bedroom

Pink Bedroom
I just couldn't let the opportunity pass to snap some images of this pink bedroom. And although I'm slowly getting sick of all the pink on my blog (I feel the urge to redesign my blog and go all white) I love it. I think I couldn't live with it but it makes me want to paint something pink right away...

Pink Bedroom Details

Hidden Hearts

Hidden Hearts

Sometimes it's the littlest things that make you happy. Like those hidden hearts I found recently...You just have to look carefully – those glimpes of happiness can easily be missed.

Pink for October

Pink for October

I started cookie season early this year and decided to join in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month month with some pink ribbon cookies...for more information check out Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Wikipedia.

And if you live in Denmark be sure not to miss the lovely products they sell all over the country in October to raise money for the Danish Breast Cancer Campaign. This year they are designed by Julie Storm Christensen.
Pink for October
Images from

Inspirational Homes: Tobias & Hanne

Today while doing some research on photographer Tia Borgsmidt I stumbled over the images she has taken of one of the most awesome apartments I've seen in a long time. The home of Copenhagen based graphic designer Tobias Mikkelsen and architecture student Hanne Scheel Andersen. Together they run the blog What We Do where they write about personal projects and share inspirational links. Recently they posted some images - taken by Tia Borgsmidt and styled by Sidsel Zachariassen - of their apartment for an upcoming editorial in Boligmagasinet.

In the kitchen they mixed low-budget IKEA drawers and cupboards with custom-(family)-built shelves and great sea-green glass tiles...The apartment is lovely by itself already: bright, wooden floors, nice trims, old doors (Is there such an thing as not-pretty apartments in Denmark at all?) but they turned it into a perfect home. I'd move in right away...


Images from Tia Borgsmidt, Image on the lower left from Tobias & Hanne

I truly love their mix of new and old, of colorful accents and classic black-and white throughout the partment. In the livingroom the white TV on the wall almost completely disappears and the cupboards mounted on the walls give the whole room and light an airy feeling. I've seen this idea last year - of course in a Danish Interior magazine - and wanted to do the same in our living room. But, well, without those beautiful white trims and such a lovely wooden floor it looks nothing like that...

Images from Tia Borgsmidt

In the bedroom of their 85m² apartment they share with their little daughter Silke they installed a modern, custom-built work space in a black glossy look for the both of them. You should most definitely check out the original blog entry from What We Do for all the links to the manufacturers they provide and some details about those great black cupboards they used as base for their desk...

Images from Tia Borgsmidt, Image of flowers from Tobias & hanne

I think what attracts me so much about their home it that they seem to have a very similar approach to Interior design than I do. And we seem fall for the same things. There is not one single piece in these shots that I do not like. But there are even several things we both own or love and that I have already written about here. Chalkbarod - check, dishwasher - check, Kramfors sofa - check, Trollsta series - check...

29 Things before 30

This morning I stumbled upon Travel Turtle's blog and her list of things she wants to do before she turns 32. The idea behind it comes from Simple Lovely and doobleh-vey who are both turning 35 this year and is that it's much easier to stick to a doable list of simple, small but meaningful things than an huge "bucket list" over the course of a life. And with my upcoming birthday (the big 3-0) in less than 8 weeks I thought it'd be the perfect chance to join in and create a list of things I want to do before that day:

  1. Go to the ophthalmologist and get some new glasses
  2. Continue blogging more often: at least once better several times a week
  3. Get that online shop up and running and hopefully having sold something
  4. Write a timetable for the projects I have in mind
  5. Do some brainstorming about the names of these projects
  6. Get a haircut
  7. Mini-makeover for the kitchen: install new shelves, lights and set up the kitchen table
  8. Redesign blog header
  9. Collect all payments from clients
  10. Check business account several times a week
  11. Do at least one painting
  12. Continue scribbling in my Moleskine planner
  13. Get back to a normal work/sleep schedule
  14. Do the laundry daily
  15. Take photos more often
  16. And also upload these photos to the computer
  17. Take a long walk through my city exploring it like a tourist, like I did last year
  18. Take more photos for my series Gebete/Prayers
  19. Stop buying things (esp. furniture) that I don't need and that I do not at all have place for to store
  20. Get more social
  21. Use a proper layout grid for upcoming web projects
  22. Get my aunt's website done
  23. Get my new corporate website done
  24. Forget about the website theft and just move on with the new design
  25. Do not allow that minor things, unexpected problems or bureaucracy stuff holds me back from getting things done 
  26. Think about escaping for my birthday
  27. Pay bills instantly
  28. Make christmas cards early this year
  29. Stick to this list!

Flowery wallpapers? Y/N?


Images from, Wallpaper Maggie
I'm not someone who likes gaudy interiors, wallpapered all over with colorful flowers and bold patterns. I've always had white walls with paitings (mostly my own) or other accents such as wallpapered panels. And I've always prefered light and bright interiors. A simple and clean style and very scandinavian. But this wallpaper from Meine Wand caught my eye for two reasons. First, I really like the pixelated effect and how it shifts when out of focus. I can totally see it used for photoshootings and stuff. Or used for one accent wall or a panel to break up lots of white...
The second reason why I have a huge thing for it is because it reminds me of the bathroom in my Grandparents vacation home in Florida...Well, as long as I can remember I thought the wallpaper in this bathroom was terrible hideous and causes eye cancer - the whole room except for the shower was papered with it from the floor to the ceiling and there was some heating bulb in there, too, which flooded the room with red (!) light. Entering this room was like entering a different world. A world where it is always warm and colorful and fancy and loud, where everything else started to feel irrelevant because the pink and lilac walls together with the red, warm light obliterated everything. I don't know if this makes any sense but there are interiors - no matter if you like them or not - that just suck you in and there is simply no way to ignore or oversee them. Oh, and did I mention that this bathroom did not have a window and you could only enter it thorugh an ante-sink-area which made it impossible that this room may ever get a single beam of daylight?

Said bathroom, taken by me back in 2001

Anyway - now, several years after my grandparents have sold the house and after years of missing Florida dearly I also start to miss this bathroom...of course I still think it was gruesome. But as much as it was overdone and shrill and tacky it was also very unique and kitschy. In the end you could only love it (as long as this is not your only bathroom that you have to use every day!).

But I don't want to end this post without sharing some more wallpapers from Meine Wand:

Images from

Layout troubles

Argh, I only wanted to add an 'older entries' link at the bottom of this page and now my old design template does not work any more. I'm sorry if anyone is visiting my blog right now and it looks like a complete mess...
I intentionally saved the old HTML code but yes, I have to admit, it's always been a mess because I never had a proper template for my layout so I took a free (messy) template and revamped it quickly back then. And now the code does not validate anymore (it seems like they added the validate-code-feature) and therefore I can not save it. Makes me gotta change the new XML code from a differnet (this time I use template provided through blogger) and restore the old layout bit by bit...Maybe I should use this as a sign and redesign the whole site?

Zara Home

Zara Home

Images from

Impressions from the Zara Home Autumn Winter 2008/09 catalog...I couldn't resist but share these images but what I actually wanted to show you are those lovely water tumblers from Zara Home. Wouldn't they look pretty on one of those wooden dining tables from the last post?
Zara Home
Images from