An evening in Münster

Stefan Krursel - Münster
Whenever you happen to be in Münster make sure to visit Stefan Krursel's Schuhsalon - unfortunately it was closed when we have been there but they had the most lovely stuff in the shop windows. And I bet they have great shoes, too...

We only spend an envening in Münster but if you're interested you can check out all the images I have taken while strolling through the city at night at my Flickr account.

(To be true we also spend the night in Münster but our hotel room was rather lousy so it better remains unmentioned...but I spotted a really nice hotel where I'd love to stay next time. Check out their website at

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Lemon-Ricotta Cake: One recipe - three cakes

Lemon-Ricotta Spngecake: One recipe - three cakes
On top is the original Lemon-Ricotta Cake in the middle I added some rum soaked raisins and the bottom one is a Diet-Banana-Cake, all based on the same recipe.
I will add the recipe(s) later.

Sideboard Love

Sideboard Love

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Oh, it has happened again. I fell in love with a piece of funiture. With the Trollsta Sideboard from IKEA.
As long as I can remember I hated the color yellow. But after getting a yellow/green-ish couch the color - with all its different shades - has grown on me more and more. I only wish I had some space for the sideboard...

EDIT: Wait, in the US it is only available in black? But in return they also offer this sweet cabinet? What's going on? I hope they make both colors available even though I do not see myself getting black furniture anytime soon. I'm already really sick of my black Peter Maly bed and my black IKEA wardrobe. I've really been into black funiture back in the 90s but today not so much anymore...