I'm sorry for being away for so long. I know one of my resolutions was to keep up blogging more often but I've really had two lousy weeks. I got my tax assessment for 2007 (much much MUCH higher than I expected), our tumble dryer died, someone hit my car, I got another terrible high tax assessment (income tax this time), the drain in our kitchen broke and the kitchen was flooded...I hope this run of bad luck ends soon because I can not handle any more mishaps. That's enough for at least the next year!
And, well, I turned 30 last week. Another bummer although I saw it already coming ;) But that means it's time take stock of my 29 Things before 30 list. So here's an update:

  1. Go to the ophthalmologist and get some new glasses -> Postponed, no new glasses for a while as I have to pay my taxes
  2. Continue blogging more often: at least once better several times a week -> At least I tried. But the last weeks I did not feel like sharing, like telling the world how miserable I feel. I just wanted to hide under a big blanket. And well, that's what I did. Hiding. And trying to focus on work.
  3. Get that online shop up and running and hopefully having sold something -> No, another very frustrating thing but as of today it's only a matter of hours until it will be up and running. It has to be up within the next 24 hours or I will freak out. It's so much more work than we thought. And there's so many things to take care of if you want to sell something in this's incredible. So many laws and regulations I have never heard of and now clue about. I do want to open an online shop not study law!
  4. Write a timetable for the projects I have in mind -> Ha, timetable, I don't have any time these days at all, so no timetable
  5. Do some brainstorming about the names of these projects -> nope
  6. Get a haircut -> No
  7. Mini-makeover for the kitchen: install new shelves, lights and set up the kitchen table -> we got rid of the old table and found a temporary solution. Didn't like the shelves with the table, so we decided against installing them.
  8. Redesign blog header -> YES!
  9. Collect all payments from clients -> Yes, I send out reminders and filed for a court collection proceeding
  10. Check business account several times a week -> Not several times a week but I did that regulary
  11. Do at least one painting -> No
  12. Continue scribbling in my Moleskine planner -> No
  13. Get back to a normal work/sleep schedule -> worked only for several days
  14. Do the laundry daily -> Did it more often at least. Until our tumble dryer died...
  15. Take photos more often -> No, only when I had to
  16. And also upload these photos to the computer -> Yes
  17. Take a long walk through my city exploring it like a tourist, like I did last year -> No, barely left my desk at all
  18. Take more photos for my series Gebete/Prayers -> No
  19. Stop buying things (esp. furniture) that I don't need and that I do not at all have place for to store -> Well, one dresser does not count, right?
  20. Get more social -> Totally falied at this one
  21. Use a proper layout grid for upcoming web projects -> Yes, and it was way easier
  22. Get my aunt's website done -> Yes, it went online on Monday
  23. Get my new corporate website done -> No
  24. Forget about the website theft and just move on with the new design -> It just came to my mind again a few days ago...argh...still indecisive if I should just forget about it or consult a lawyer. But chances are very low that I will have sucess suing someone in Turkey...
  25. Do not allow that minor things, unexpected problems or bureaucracy stuff holds me back from getting things done -> I tried to and it was good to keep that im mind everytime things started to annoy me
  26. Think about escaping for my birthday -> No, stayed at home. Damn taxes!
  27. Pay bills instantly -> Sometimes...
  28. Make christmas cards early this year -> Not done yet
  29. Stick to this list! -> I really tried to but...lots of excuses...but it was good to come back to this list every now and then.


  1. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Second, at least you did get a group of things done on your list and it seems in most cases the reason things didn't go as plan were either because of outside forces, or because you were working so hard on other items on your list! That's great. Third, taxes suck. I can't turn that into a positive for you.

    Well, I hope you continue on the blogging trend (of blogging more and having good reason to). I also can't wait to hear about your shop.

  2. oh dear you... and happy belated birthday you wonderful sagittarius!

    i'm sorry. i know i shouldn't say this, admit this, but i hope you'll understand... but i so had to smile and laugh as i read your to do list. my god dear girl, you are a lot like me. at least we write it down. at least we take that step with things.

    and that is a lot of things all at once. life is strange and silly that way at times. when it comes, it all comes at once. but trust me, when the good is ready to come, that too will all come at once and you can laugh and smile and dance and simply enjoy.

    but mostly, be proud of yourself. looking at that website, you did beautifully well. you and your oh so amazing talent... i awe you for that!

    now i hope today is just a wee bit better for you...


  3. Happy belated birthday!

    I enjoyed reading the list, and I hope you feel better now. You should, with that amazing new shop you have created! :-)