May I introduce you to...

...something that makes life delicious...our new online store HONIG & PFEFFER where we sell the finest gingerbread (Lebkuchen), coconut or hazelnut macaroons as well as domino cubes (Dominosteine) from our favorite family-run gingerbread manufacturer in Nuremberg. All products are made by hand after traditional family recipes without any additives, preservatives, colorants or artificial flavoring...and we also carry glutenfree and diabetic products made without flour. And lots of other delicious things...
It took us way longer than we thought but we are very happy that we could finally put it up on the web and announce our little gingerbread store open. I can't believe it's actually running!?!? Can someone please pinch me...It's still very beta and needs some more testing but we didn't want to wait any longer. (Please let me know if you experience any troubles or bugs!) There were several situations during the past weeks when I was totally in doubt if we can make it and when I wanted to pack it all's a LOT of work when you do it all by yourself. I did all the designing, taking images, coding the frontend, designing the packaging,...and S. did all the backend progamming. Yes, it's kind of crazy to develop a complete e-commerce shopping system all by yourself. And create a new packaging. But we wanted to have everything according to our ideas and expectations. And so far I'm happy with it and it was worth the work :-) I hope you enjoy it, too.

Glutenfree Box

You can read more about HONIG & PFEFFER on our about site (yes, that is unfortunately the only site on our website in German AND English so far) or on our new blog where I keep you updated about new products...


  1. Congratulations!!! It looks so good. I will have to check out the blog and site when I come back from my meeting.

    It looks like all your hard work has paid off. It all looks really good!

  2. Wow!! looks wonderful..nice photos! I wish I lived in Germany Ü


  3. Hello from Sweden! Just wanted to say I enjoyed your blog thanks for the inspiration!!

    An angel at my table

  4. oooh! it looks so great. very well done

  5. glutenfreie Kekse? Werde ich gleich mal meinem Bruder mailen. Super!