On my wishlist: Bags from Gaia & Ko

Bags von Gaia & Ko
Yesterday I found this lovely bags from Gaia & Ko from Denmark on the internet and instantly fell in love. Originally these are diaper bags but I think they make a lovely hand bag. (I actually couldn't believe that they are diaper bags because they look nothing like that...) And as far as I understand they even have a water-proof compartment and various inside pockets so they might as well make a good camera bag...or camera/hand bag combo (something I've been looking for forever). You can buy them from lirumlarumlek.dk or if you live in Germany you can also order them at lillefolk.de. Both stores also carry the most adorable children's clothes and toys, btw. So if you are still looking for some christmas presents for your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchilds, your friends' kids...be sure to visit these sites...


  1. Thanks for sharing these bags! They're awesome :o) They look big and roomy, and if they can stand being diaper bags, you know they're tough and durable. This is my first time here at your blog, and I'm having fun! Your photos are so beautiful :o)

  2. Dear Marion!

    Thank you for showing these bags. I´ve been looking around for a nice diaper bag that I can actually use when I´m done with diapers. So now I´m waiting for my nice golden bag from Denmark Ü

    I just love Rie Elise Larsens home!!..and your verry sweet cat! The cookie picture is so nice. I would have it up on my wall!


  3. Oh Jeanette, please let me know how you like the bag. Can't wait to hear a real review :-)

  4. Hi Marion

    both my sister and cousin here in DK still use these "diaper bags" eventhough there are no diapers in them anymore - they are great.

    wishing you a wonderful 2009!