Not really an update...

...but an exciting day. We are working hard getting our online shop I was taking about in this entry up and running. And it actually looks like we can launch soon. YAY! I can't wait to tell you all...Today we made it official and registered the business. So from today on I am not only a freelance web & graphic designer but also a co-owner of a retail business.
I'm pretty much through with the corporate and web design of the new site and spend most of my days researching. I have to admit I absolutely underestimated that part. It takes forever finding out how to ship abroad, which shipping boxes to use, which bags, do we need a contract, what about the taxes, how to find a reasonable priced manufacturer for the packaging I want...I could go on forever. Finding and developing the right packing is also so much harder than we thought. And we don't even want to have anything fancy. Just some simple yet elegant boxes. But we can not afford to buy several thousands before we even started and finding a manufacturer that is willing to produce in small quantities but still at an affordable price is not easy these days...everybody wants to produce and sell in bulk. But Hello! we are small business owners, starting from scratch without a credit line or any other financial support at all. And we do this because we love the product. We think it's awfully good. And we think it needs to be spread in the world. We have no idea if anyone is going to buy it at all and if we make any money ever from this...but well, there's no way that this will discurage us. And after tons of emails, lots of phone calls and innumerable hours spend with researching things are slowly falling into place...

My desk

Image of my desk figuring out the packaging

Another reason why I'm very exited today are the elections - like well, most of us, I guess. I can't wait to see some first results and hope so very much that Obama will make it.


  1. ooh, da bin ich schon sehrsehr gespannt. die verpackungen sehen schon vielversprechend aus...
    wann ist es denn soweit?

  2. Ich bin auch sehrsehr gespannt! :-)

  3. Thank you, Astrid. Too sweet of you that you leave a comment in German! Did you learn some German?

    Hopefully we will be able the launch in about a week. I can't wait either. It's so exciting to step into a complete new world...well, new to me.

    Christa, ich bin auch schon sehr auf Deine neuen Sachen aus der Letteria gespannt :)

  4. Yes, I learnt German for six years, but unfortunately I have forgotten too much. I still understand a lot, but I speak and write German poorly.

  5. I can't wait to see what this packaging is going to hold.

  6. Wie aufregend! Ich finde es toll, wenn man solche Dinge anpackt, sollte ich auch öfter mal machen ;)