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Some images have to do for today. There's still a crapload of work ahead till we can open our shop sometime next week. And I hate that I'm way behind with work but I have a hard time getting things done these days because I feel tired and worn out all day. Maybe it's the weather. It's grey outside all day long and there's not the slightest sign that the sun will come out at least for some minutes today...oh, and I couldn't stick to my '29-things-before30'-list. I bought some furniture that we do not have space for. Again. Damn.

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves
Autumn is my most favorite time of the year. I'm not too fond of heat anyway so I love when it's getting colder. And I love the beautiful colors when all the leaves turn golden...

New Magazine: Effilee


I have always missed a high-quality food magazine in Germany. There are several but they are just not my cup of tea. Either the recipes are just something I would never cook or eat, or there's a lack of journalistic background. I'm not really interested in reading how to clean my windows or how to prepare with convenient food. And most of them do not come up to my expectations when it comes to layout and photography too. But yesterday when I went to my local news stand - expecting nothing fancy becasue they are not very well-assorted - I instantly spotted this new magazine: Effilee. And I love it! Great layout and graphic design. Sexy images and illustrations (some of them very unusual for a food magazine but very very awesome!), interesting articles that I enjoyed to read, a perfect mixture of qiuck-n-easy and challenging recipes (well besides the one of calf's brain with vinaigrette and lavendel froth, although the plate looks like a piece of art),...you can find more information on their website at www.effilee.de (only in German though).


Pondering on duck - How is a recipe developed? Text: Vijay Sapre, Images: Andrea Thode

Top: Fashion images taken in the Michelin-starred restaurant Essigbrätlein in Nürnberg, Images: Detlef Schneider
Middle: Menu for two, Images: Wolfgang Schardt
Bottom: Cookie party, Images: Malte Braun

You can see more scans at my Flickr Set Effilee.

Not really an update...

...but an exciting day. We are working hard getting our online shop I was taking about in this entry up and running. And it actually looks like we can launch soon. YAY! I can't wait to tell you all...Today we made it official and registered the business. So from today on I am not only a freelance web & graphic designer but also a co-owner of a retail business.
I'm pretty much through with the corporate and web design of the new site and spend most of my days researching. I have to admit I absolutely underestimated that part. It takes forever finding out how to ship abroad, which shipping boxes to use, which bags, do we need a contract, what about the taxes, how to find a reasonable priced manufacturer for the packaging I want...I could go on forever. Finding and developing the right packing is also so much harder than we thought. And we don't even want to have anything fancy. Just some simple yet elegant boxes. But we can not afford to buy several thousands before we even started and finding a manufacturer that is willing to produce in small quantities but still at an affordable price is not easy these days...everybody wants to produce and sell in bulk. But Hello! we are small business owners, starting from scratch without a credit line or any other financial support at all. And we do this because we love the product. We think it's awfully good. And we think it needs to be spread in the world. We have no idea if anyone is going to buy it at all and if we make any money ever from this...but well, there's no way that this will discurage us. And after tons of emails, lots of phone calls and innumerable hours spend with researching things are slowly falling into place...

My desk

Image of my desk figuring out the packaging

Another reason why I'm very exited today are the elections - like well, most of us, I guess. I can't wait to see some first results and hope so very much that Obama will make it.