Wishing you a happy Saturday with some flowers

Did I say I'm getting tired of pink? Anyway, today it's just some flowers and wishing you a happy Saturday before I'm off to a afternoon NOT spent in front of the computer...Already made a cake and some other food and now I'll grab my camera and hop in the car to a BBQ in the lovely autumn sun...


  1. Have a great weekend not being in front of the computer! I'm hoping to do the same. Time for me to enjoy autumn in florida.

  2. beautiful flowers... and the berries too. i like the way each season brings her own colour.

    and i love the way you work with your aperture of focus and blur. your photos always have such a clarity and yet a wonderful softness.

    me and my camera just haven't acquainted ourselves that way yet... oh sigh. and it's my frustration. maybe i just need to play with her more often again.

    wishing you a wonderful october sunday...