New Blog Layout: Ice Blue & Blackberry

I took a break from regular work yesterday and decided it's time for a new blog layout. I was really tired of all that pink and needed some change. Something to ring in the colder days of the year. And when I saw all those lovely christmas decorations from Jeanette of FRYD + DESIGN I knew I wanted to go for a light color scheme with lots of white and some ice blue. I couldn't part with the pink completely though and changed from raspberry red to blackberry...
If don't already know Jeanette's blog and work you should take some time and visit it. She makes the most lovely things and lives in a beautiful Scandinavian home (that I'm actually really jealous of I have to admit) with lots of white and great clorful accents. And she takes awesome images. And has the sweetest little girl :)

Christmas decoration from fryd + design

Images from Jeanette of


  1. i like the new look. great color combination!

  2. Beautiful new look! I'll go check out Jeanette's blog now.

  3. Thank you, Ann! :)

    Oh yes, Astrid, you definitely should. It's such an inspiration...