Inspirational Homes: Tobias & Hanne

Today while doing some research on photographer Tia Borgsmidt I stumbled over the images she has taken of one of the most awesome apartments I've seen in a long time. The home of Copenhagen based graphic designer Tobias Mikkelsen and architecture student Hanne Scheel Andersen. Together they run the blog What We Do where they write about personal projects and share inspirational links. Recently they posted some images - taken by Tia Borgsmidt and styled by Sidsel Zachariassen - of their apartment for an upcoming editorial in Boligmagasinet.

In the kitchen they mixed low-budget IKEA drawers and cupboards with custom-(family)-built shelves and great sea-green glass tiles...The apartment is lovely by itself already: bright, wooden floors, nice trims, old doors (Is there such an thing as not-pretty apartments in Denmark at all?) but they turned it into a perfect home. I'd move in right away...


Images from Tia Borgsmidt, Image on the lower left from Tobias & Hanne

I truly love their mix of new and old, of colorful accents and classic black-and white throughout the partment. In the livingroom the white TV on the wall almost completely disappears and the cupboards mounted on the walls give the whole room and light an airy feeling. I've seen this idea last year - of course in a Danish Interior magazine - and wanted to do the same in our living room. But, well, without those beautiful white trims and such a lovely wooden floor it looks nothing like that...

Images from Tia Borgsmidt

In the bedroom of their 85m² apartment they share with their little daughter Silke they installed a modern, custom-built work space in a black glossy look for the both of them. You should most definitely check out the original blog entry from What We Do for all the links to the manufacturers they provide and some details about those great black cupboards they used as base for their desk...

Images from Tia Borgsmidt, Image of flowers from Tobias & hanne

I think what attracts me so much about their home it that they seem to have a very similar approach to Interior design than I do. And we seem fall for the same things. There is not one single piece in these shots that I do not like. But there are even several things we both own or love and that I have already written about here. Chalkbarod - check, dishwasher - check, Kramfors sofa - check, Trollsta series - check...


  1. I'm sure there are NO ugly appartments in Copenhagen...if my favourite magazines and books are anything to go by... ;)
    Love this - thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Marion, thanks for the kind words.
    I can assure you that there is such a thing as not-pretty apartments in Denmark. For example: our apartment before we got our hands on it!
    I'll get Tobias to post some of the photos of the apartment from before we tore down a wall in the kitchen and redecorated the whole apartment completely.
    Some of the doors had also been changed to some cheap crap back in the 80's, so we had to hunt down the original doors stored in a cellar somewhere in the building.
    Interesting reading your blog - keep up the good work :-)

  3. Gorgeous images, definitely going into my inspiration file! And love your blog too :)

  4. I love their office and whatever it is they are using to display images in it. Such a strong and bold green that I've always been a fan of.

  5. I agree with you - this is a really great place. Love the style too!

  6. I love this apartment and all the colours! Wow!!...and your blog too. The way you put images together....very nice Ü