29 Things before 30

This morning I stumbled upon Travel Turtle's blog and her list of things she wants to do before she turns 32. The idea behind it comes from Simple Lovely and doobleh-vey who are both turning 35 this year and is that it's much easier to stick to a doable list of simple, small but meaningful things than an huge "bucket list" over the course of a life. And with my upcoming birthday (the big 3-0) in less than 8 weeks I thought it'd be the perfect chance to join in and create a list of things I want to do before that day:

  1. Go to the ophthalmologist and get some new glasses
  2. Continue blogging more often: at least once better several times a week
  3. Get that online shop up and running and hopefully having sold something
  4. Write a timetable for the projects I have in mind
  5. Do some brainstorming about the names of these projects
  6. Get a haircut
  7. Mini-makeover for the kitchen: install new shelves, lights and set up the kitchen table
  8. Redesign blog header
  9. Collect all payments from clients
  10. Check business account several times a week
  11. Do at least one painting
  12. Continue scribbling in my Moleskine planner
  13. Get back to a normal work/sleep schedule
  14. Do the laundry daily
  15. Take photos more often
  16. And also upload these photos to the computer
  17. Take a long walk through my city exploring it like a tourist, like I did last year
  18. Take more photos for my series Gebete/Prayers
  19. Stop buying things (esp. furniture) that I don't need and that I do not at all have place for to store
  20. Get more social
  21. Use a proper layout grid for upcoming web projects
  22. Get my aunt's website done
  23. Get my new corporate website done
  24. Forget about the website theft and just move on with the new design
  25. Do not allow that minor things, unexpected problems or bureaucracy stuff holds me back from getting things done 
  26. Think about escaping for my birthday
  27. Pay bills instantly
  28. Make christmas cards early this year
  29. Stick to this list!


  1. this my dear is a good list. it's the little things. and the big things.

    and my god, i am the queen of list writing. just these days, i feel like it's not so much a "what do i need to do" list that i write, rather "what are we going to procrasinate now" list that i write...

    so you've just inspired me, and at my side is a piece of paper and a list that is about to be written, and done, and put to life...


    wishing you a wonderful sunday...


  2. I love #29... stick to the list.

    Even though I always make lists, it's often hard for me to stick to them. Last week I bought a notebook so that I could start keeping track of my things to do. One page for each day. Yesterday I wrote "Don't drink soda". Easy enough, I thought, I never drink soda anyway. Well, by 4 I was craving it and had to cave in. Argh!!!

    Anyway, I'm going to keep going back to my 31 before 32 list every week or so just to remind myself of those things that I deemed important when I made the list.

  3. great list- thanks for participating! xoxoxo