HELP! Stolen website

HELP! Stolen website

on the top this is my site and below the stolen site

WTF!? Someone stole the complete design of my corporate website. I really don't mind if someone gets inspired by others and stuff but this is just bold and incredible ridiculous as well...on the english front page they did not even change the location although they are located in Istanbul. And they didn't change my alt-tags...I'm so mad!
Right now I'm about to redesign this site anyway because the design is several years old but it makes me angry nevertheless.
Anyone any ideas how I can make them liable for this even if they are based in Turkey???
I blurred the names because I don't want anyone to warn them...


  1. my dear...

    that is absolutely unheard of! i can't believe the autracity and nerve of some people.

    have you contacted them at all?

    i have no idea what you could rightfully or legally do... but for them to literally copy everything right down to your words...

    i'm speechless.

    i hope all is well my dear girl. it's been a long while since we've been in touch.

    ganz liebe herbstliche grüsse,


  2. Wow, kaum zu glauben! Da wuerde ich glaub austicken wenn jemand so link waere und mir mein Design unterm Hintern wegklauen wuerde. Glaub allerdings nicht, dass Du da was gegen tun kannst, wenn die im Ausland sind. Echt aergerlich. :(
    Dein Blog ist uebrigens SUPER! Kam durch Zufall her und bin echt begeistert. Keep it up! Great job!

    Liebe Gruesse aus der Ferne.

  3. Hi Marion,

    If your website is copyrighted I am pretty sure u can sue them for stolen property. The most advisable thing to do is try to contact them and settle an agreement as for fees they should pay you for intellectual property or they should abdicate the current website they have - which is a copy of yours. Or you can look for a lawyer to get them.
    It would be good if all of your work is copyrighted, so try to register them asap. :) Good luck!