Raspberries & Magazines

Honestly I'm not feeling very inspired lately and my thoughts are spinning in circles since we've come back from Canada...I think I have to sort some things out...and there's a lot of frustation coming up that has piled up over the last months or even years and needs to be dealt with finally...

That's one of the reasons I stayed quiet lately although I promised to myself to post more often. Another reason is that I feel like getting tired of the ever same content I see getting re-blogged and re-blogged on various websites. I can't even name any specific blogs that I'm getting bored of or don't want to blame anyone - I have re-blogged things I love myself. But when I open a magazine and every other article and image feels familiar because I've seen it several times on the web it somehow starts to bug me. Because it takes away the fun of reading a magazine. Of finding some new inspiration. Of discovering something all by myself. It also feels like an inspiration overflow over time...Awesome, inspirational stuff everywhere...Or is it just me, my bad mood and the fact that I'm frustrated anyway?

But I don't want to get you down so I leave you for the weekend with some of my favorite things that make me happy: Delicious, fresh raspberries on my Martha Stewart cake stand that I broght home all the way from Macy's NYC and two of my favorite magazines I bought for an elusive amount of money at the International newsdealer at the Central Station to soothe my "Fernweh"...



  1. I am feeling the same lately and have found that I am just reading 2-3 blogs now instead of the usual 10-12. The magazine issue is even more frustrating to me because I an expat in The Netherlands and can't enjoy them as much when I can't read the copy (though the photographs are lovely). However, I often will stop in at the blogs of my flickr contacts when a photo catches my attention (like yours of the Strasbourg markets). Best wishes to you for better days ahead!

  2. I feel this too. I try hard not to let my blog get too lust-driven or to repost items I've seen elsewhere. In the long run, I find the blogs that just post and repost "stuff" kind of soulless, even moreso than a magazine since the person blogging could express so much more that's interesting...

    When I feel this way, I usually look around my apartment and blog about something I have that makes me happy, instead of something in a store...

  3. Loevly!!!

    Where do you buy your MARTHA STUART magazine? It is very difficult to get it here in Hamburg :(