An evening in Münster

Stefan Krursel - Münster
Whenever you happen to be in Münster make sure to visit Stefan Krursel's Schuhsalon - unfortunately it was closed when we have been there but they had the most lovely stuff in the shop windows. And I bet they have great shoes, too...

We only spend an envening in Münster but if you're interested you can check out all the images I have taken while strolling through the city at night at my Flickr account.

(To be true we also spend the night in Münster but our hotel room was rather lousy so it better remains unmentioned...but I spotted a really nice hotel where I'd love to stay next time. Check out their website at

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  1. oh... that store looks lovely. inviting. at first glance, i would have imagined it to be anything but just a shoe store.

    i hope all is well my dear...

    liebe grüsse,


  2. Thank you for the nice comment :)
    Love your blog!.... and you made me wanne go to Münster! Thank you Ü

  3. oh! my husband is from muenster and hello to you -- found here via a friend in new hampshire, but from viewing the comments i see that you are also friends with my friend angie!
    small small small world. nice blog and i will most definitely return!
    muenster is such a beautiful city - we visit every year.
    kind regards,

  4. Yeah, thanx for that!

    I am in Munster in August so I will have a look there. Looks so nice.