New Photoshop Brushes

new brushes
I made some new Photoshop Brushes from my photographs. Actually I only wanted to make a new blog header but then I went brush-crazy.

New sofa...but what color?

New couch...but what color?
I really think the IKEA Kramfors sofa is almost THE perfect sofa considering the price, too. It has nice lines and proportions. It's comfortable to sit (and hopefully sleep) on. The covers come in nice colors, are changeable, washable and non-itchy (I hate itchy fabrics!). If I only could decide on a color. The yellow/green cover would work very well with our auburn laminate flooring I think. But I never really liked the color yellow and it's strangely enough for me that I now like this cover color. I'm a little bit scared that this might only be temporary and it makes me sick after a few weeks. So the dark grey would be a safe choice. It matches almost everything and is very impassible. (We have a black cat.) But boring. I also thought of getting both covers and change them every now and then...Have I told you I hate making decisions?

And the new IKEA lamp Kulla might be a less-pricy alternative to the Habitat Spindle lamp even if I completely fell for it...especially the green one. But I wish it came also in black.

Moo Postcards are here

Moo Postcards are here!

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This is definitely one of the best news in a long time. I've been waiting like forever for Moo Postcards. I can't wait to order mine. They are 14.99 € for 20 postcards and until October 28th 2007 Moo offers free shipping. Don't miss it!

Lamp Love

Lamp Love

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Another lamp I love - the Spindle lamp from Habitat.

More inspiration

I have found some new, favorite if you have some spare time be sure to check them out. (Well, maybe I should add that they have tons of inpirsations on their blogs and that they are highly addictive so you better have LOTS of time to read...) If you are interested in interior decoration and design don't miss purple area, who just started her own interior design company. Another great find is the sweet Miss Anna over at Door 16, where she shares her "adventures in homemaking" and renovating an awesome Victorian house from the 1890s. cake & pie is the creative outlet of designer Kathleen Losche. And finally Black*Eiffel – my latest find – Rachel's favorite people, places, things and ideas.

Lamps by Le Klint

Lamps by Le Klint

Classic Collection by Le Klint, Images from

When it comes to interior design I always found that picking nice lamps was the hardest part. But lately I've seen lots of great lamps. I discovered these lamps by Le Klint on our vacation in Denmark. We had some classic Le Klint shades in our vacation home, which I didn't even know until I spotted them in a small lamp store in Helsinge. You could see them in the window of almost every lamp store whether in a small town like Helsinge or in Copenhagen.

Le Klint has two major collections. The classic collection with the handcrafted pleated shades and the Undercover collection with a glass or acryl shade and a replacable inner shade that comes in different colors and patterns, including a lovely marimekko collection.

Lamps by Le Klint
Undercover Collection by Le Klint, Images from