Oschätzchen & Cucinaria

If you come ever to Hamburg and are interested in food and cooking and decorating be sure to visit Oschätzchen.

If you want to shop for kitchenware, cooking utensils, cookbooks, pans, pots, tins, dishes, moulds, plates, glasses,... you should by no means miss Cucinaria. They have everything your culinary heart as ever desired. I already wanted to go there when we spend a night in Hamburg on our way to Denmark back in September but as I didn't have a proper map with us we did not find the store. The "kitchen temple" is not that easy to find but once you found it and entered the doors you don't want to leave ever again... Oh, and they also have an online shop (in German and English) with more than 5.000 products that "offers you the widest selection in kitchenware throughout the German speaking market".
Image from www.cucinaria.de


  1. i found your blog through flickr and i must say i am very lucky!
    i'll be back!

  2. o...oschätzchen looks like a dream. i'm already in love with those golden tea cups.

    how are you? is everything good?

    schicke dir einen wunderschönen tag und arg viele liebe grüsse,