Mini cheesecakes

Two weeks ago I made some mini cheesecakes...recipe is going to follow but has to be tested once again first - hopefully I find time to do so on Saturday or Sunday - as I'm not 100% sure about the measurements...


  1. No, no, you are certainly not the only one considering sofa colors. I have been to IKEA three times and was close to asking a mathematician to help me find the equilibrium of color, comfort and design - well and certainly price. I was about to get a black leather sofa before this voice in my head said that black is overestimated and maybe to safe (this might be true for charcoal as well). So now I am reconsidering and I am quite convinced to get one of the "Fantastische Gelegenheiten" Sofas. I am sure, you made the right choice. I love this green, and with your sense of and feel for color, you don't need to get a black one.

  2. A touch of artistry effect - Simplicity at its best!

  3. those little cakes look so cute. i love mini sized desserts. i made one once but the proportions were off