Oschätzchen & Cucinaria

If you come ever to Hamburg and are interested in food and cooking and decorating be sure to visit Oschätzchen.

If you want to shop for kitchenware, cooking utensils, cookbooks, pans, pots, tins, dishes, moulds, plates, glasses,... you should by no means miss Cucinaria. They have everything your culinary heart as ever desired. I already wanted to go there when we spend a night in Hamburg on our way to Denmark back in September but as I didn't have a proper map with us we did not find the store. The "kitchen temple" is not that easy to find but once you found it and entered the doors you don't want to leave ever again... Oh, and they also have an online shop (in German and English) with more than 5.000 products that "offers you the widest selection in kitchenware throughout the German speaking market".
Image from www.cucinaria.de


Our new sofa arrived today! I can't wait to put it up but we have to get rid of our old one first.
After several decision-making weeks I finally decided to get the charcoal gray one about two weeks ago. But when we went to IKEA willing to order they told us that it won't available before March 2008! 2008!!! Argh! After all this wavering and contemplation I was bummed. (Btw, am the only one that contemplates on a sofa color?) After some more considerating (luckily there have been only 30 minutes left until they would have kicked us out of the store to close so we had to make a decicion quickly) we decided to go with the yellow/green one AND to pre-order the chacoral cover. Ha. That's more I could have asekd for. And it was one of my first thoughts when we started thinking about a new sofa at all...but this also means no Habitat Spindle lamp anytime soon :(
Pictures will follow as soon as we put everything up.
Thanks so much for all your input. It was really helpful to hear some other opinions.

Mini cheesecakes

Two weeks ago I made some mini cheesecakes...recipe is going to follow but has to be tested once again first - hopefully I find time to do so on Saturday or Sunday - as I'm not 100% sure about the measurements...