New sofa...but what color?

New couch...but what color?
I really think the IKEA Kramfors sofa is almost THE perfect sofa considering the price, too. It has nice lines and proportions. It's comfortable to sit (and hopefully sleep) on. The covers come in nice colors, are changeable, washable and non-itchy (I hate itchy fabrics!). If I only could decide on a color. The yellow/green cover would work very well with our auburn laminate flooring I think. But I never really liked the color yellow and it's strangely enough for me that I now like this cover color. I'm a little bit scared that this might only be temporary and it makes me sick after a few weeks. So the dark grey would be a safe choice. It matches almost everything and is very impassible. (We have a black cat.) But boring. I also thought of getting both covers and change them every now and then...Have I told you I hate making decisions?

And the new IKEA lamp Kulla might be a less-pricy alternative to the Habitat Spindle lamp even if I completely fell for it...especially the green one. But I wish it came also in black.


  1. the grey, definitely the grey one. i'm having a grey sofa when my family and i move to the farmhouse my husband grew up in (we've got a meeting with our architect on tuesday, i can't wait!)...i've chosen the colour, (for practical reasons, i've got two little boys) i just can't decide on the design...

  2. Boy, if I was placed in your shoes, I would have no clue either!
    Let me just say to you that I do not like yellow as a color really either, but the greenish tint in this color is just fabulous!!
    Of course the charcoal is more safe... Maybe one or two popping color cushions would make it less "boring"?
    Anyway, I love the Kramfors model, it's wonderful! :)

  3. get grey. then you can brighten it up with different coloured cushions and throws. And you can always change the cushions.

  4. Das schöne an grauen Sofa's ist: mit den Kissen kannst du jederzeit deinen lieblings Farbton dem Wohnzimmer anpassen. Auf grau sehen alle Farben toll aus. Und hat den Vorteil sieht nicht so schnell schmutzig aus. Wir haben ein graues und ich würd mich wieder für ein Graues entscheiden!!

  5. I love this sofa! It is my choice as well, with the chaise of course. We are looking at the dark grey or the light grey. You could certainly punch it up with a great throw and some pillows. I guarantee in 5 years you'll be happier with the grey...even if it is just collecting dust in your rec room.
    Good choice!